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Linux tuning to improve PostgreSQL performance: from hardware to postgresql.conf

Linux operating system has lots of tuning options which can change performance of your PostgreSQL installation drastically. People often say that an Oracle DBA is 90% a DBA and 10% a UNIX engineer, for a Postgres DBA this correspondence can optimistically be 50:50 or even lower on the DBA part.

For PostgreSQL, obviously, most important are storage-related options like vm.dirty*, IO elevators or filesystem mount options, but there are many more of them: CPU scheduler options, NUMA settings, or even power saving policy. The first goal of this talk is to provide some guidelines how to chose proper hardware for a database server and explain to DBAs and engineers how to use all this settings in order to match hardware configuration and PostgreSQL workload.

The second goal is to explain the problem to hackers, which weak points we have in terms of integration with Linux and other operating systems from DBA point of view and to suggest some steps to make things better.

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