PGCon 2011

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Distributing Extensions on PGXN

Optimal PGXN exposure via Smart distribution packaging

So you've solved a common problem in PostgreSQL, a serious pain point that lots of other people could take advantage of. You want to open-source the code, and would like to package it up and distribute it where people can find it, read its docs, and download and install it.

The newest destination for distributing PostgreSQL extensions is PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension network. PGXN offers a central index of PostgreSQL extensions and their documentation, making it easy for people to find an install extensions.

How do you optimize your extension distribution for maximum PGXN exposure? By careful packaging, thorough documentation, and simple installation. Join me for an overview of how best to achieve that — including how to build extensions compatible with PostgreSQL 9.1's improved extension support.

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