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PgMQ: Embedding messaging in PostgreSQL

Embedded Messaging with PgMQ, the PostgreSQL Message Queueing add-on

PgMQ embeds messaging directly into PostgreSQL so that committed transactions can be published to message queues via various popular messaging protocols (AMQP, STOMP, OpenWire). Supports ActiveMQ (STOMP, OpenWire) and any transport supporting AMQP (such as RabbitMQ). PgMQ easily enables "eventually consistent" replication and/or sharding along customized data boundaries. PgMQ also introduces an index extension that enhances temporal data types (timestamp, date, etc.) by firing an event (trigger) when the value is equal to current_time, an aid to replication and partitioning. This lecture will show how to set up and configure PGMQ, with realtime examples.

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